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     T onyjaa.org is the first and biggest English fan site about Tony Jaa. It was launched on February 5, 2005. Everything started on July 2004 when Sawatdee (France) created a forum devoted to Tony Jaa. Then Satu (Sweden) made the design of this website.

         Our intention is to promote Tony Jaa and his movies around the world as the visitors of tonyjaa.org come from many different countries : Thailand, France, Japan, USA, Canada… We want to keep you informed as much as possible of the current events of the Muay Thai star.

         The website is an unofficial fan site and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Tony Jaa in any way (unfortunately !). Copyrighted images, articles, and other borrowed content remain the property of their respective owners, and are used solely for entertainment purposes and to share information with Tony Jaa's fans. No copyright infringement is intended. Every effort has been made to identify and credit the original source of all content, but mistakes are inevitable. If you have a question or complaint about any of the images or other content on this site, please contact us.

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Maybe we could help Tony Jaa by promoting his art together…

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