The Bodyguard 2
  Directed by: Petchtai Wongkamlao
Action & Comedy
95 mins
Language: Thai
Release date: 8 March 2007 in Thailand
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Khamlao played by famous comedian Petchai Wonghmalao is a medium ranking police officier who invariable manage to find himself in situations which frustrate and annoy his superiors at the Special Investigations Unit of the People's Republic of Wiang.

Khamlao is sent to after the SIU comes into possession of some information indicating that Suchin played by Suchin Kuan and Surachai played by Surachai Sombatjoroen leaders of a known terrorist organization were hiding in the kingdom while they devised a plot to undermine and hurt the People's Republic of Wiang. Being both cunning and clever Suchin and Surachai opened there own record label under the banner CIRSM GRAMMA to guise their evil agenda.

Khamlao, like other agents before him, has to keep his life at the SIU secret from everyone, even his own wife Keaw played by Janet Keaw. As far as Keaw is aware Khamlao must hurry to Bangkok to finish a rush construction project. However something doesn't feel right and Keaw begins to become suspicious that Khamlao has ulterior motives for travel to the capital of Thailand.

Wherever Mum Jokmok is, Tony Jaa is also there. These two guys have become the perfectly joined buddies since the much well-known Ong-Bak 1 to the gigantically budgeted Tom-Yum-Goong. Now in 2007 without exception, the director Petchtai WongKamlao (Mum Jokmok) again invites the worldly popular “Tony ‘No-Sling-No-Stunt’ Jaa” to join a totally demolished fighting scene in The Bodyguard 2. This scene is set up somewhere in RCA (the popular teen-age area of Bangkok) as a noodle booth where Tony combatting against a gang of debt collectors, using his own unique of Muay Thai styles.

This is a scene where Kumlhao (Mum Johmok) and his talented music producer Master Thala (Sermwej ChuangYanyong) are sitting together, leisurely eating noodle and talking about their work. Without warning, a cruel gang of debt collectors passes by and sees Master Thala, the cunning debtor who they’d love so bad to collect the debt with blood. Suddenly, Tony Jaa (whose name in the story is unknown) runs across them with an annoying face, shouting ‘Chaang Kuu Yuu Nhai?!!’ (Where is my elephant?!!) that causes the gangsters much bewildered(??!!). With a lot of temper, the head of the gang goes straight forward to the unknown guy. But things turn out to be that this is not a day of the gangsters at all. Misfortunately, all of them are uncompromisingly beaten up by Tony Jaa, run away leaving the noodle booth completely collapsed. The art of fightings in this movie looks almost as delicious as in Tom-Yum-Goong, and so extremely touching that the sellers and onlookers at RCA cannot help cheering up Tony. Of course, it is rare for them to watch this type of live show from a world superstar right at their place.

Mum: “As I’ve said, I want The Bodyguard 2 to have more amount of and funnier actions. Tony Jaa is the first one in my head for inviting him to particiapte in the movie. His action style is never questioned, but for him to show only the action is not my style of movie. I ask him to do some gags, and not only he is able to do some of them, he even enjoys playing them. He makes me laugh just to see him running up and annoyingly shouting “Where is my elephant?!!”. Come to see my movie to find out where is the elephant he’s looking for. Tony has his own stunt team to create their own beautiful styles of fighting. Even I myself have seen a lot of them before, today I still enjoy them, for Christ sake!
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Petchtai Wongkamlao
Janet Kaew
Jacquelyn Apitananon
Suchin Kuansonwon
Surachai Sombatjaroen
Tony Jaa
(cameo appearance)