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  Thai DVD [Uncut]      Recommended
Language: Thai / Subtitles : Thai
Region: Zone 3
Features : Action Scenes Multi-Angle, 5 Takes of Long Takes History, Work Out With Tony Jaa, List of Tom-Yum-Goong Go Inter, Ong-Bak World Tour (50 mins), Live Performance by Tony Jaa, New Performance of Tom-Yum-Goong in Korea, Tom Yum Goong Trivia, DVD-ROM Features : Tony Jaa Fansite Weblink.
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Thai VCD + bonus deleted scenes [Uncut] Recommended
Language: Thai, no subtitles
The VCD is release with bonus (deleted scenes), for US$6

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Thai Making of    Recommended
Language: thai, no subtitles    
Notes : This making of Tom Yum Goong features behind the scene of the film as well as unseen clips... for only US$ 5.5 (free worldwide shipping).

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  Korean DVD      English subtitles
Language: Thai
Subtitles : English, Korean
Region: Zone 3
Features : Behind the scene, Interviews, Promotion Tour interview in Korea, Theatrical trailer, Teaser trailer, Still gallery.
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  Hong-Kong DVD   
Language: Thai
Subtitles : Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese
Region: Zone 3
Features : Cast & Crew, Making of, Trailer, TV Spot, Photo Gallery, HK Promotion Footage.
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  French DVD   NEW
Language: French, Thai
Subtitles : French
Region: Zone 2
Features : Tony Jaa training and interview.
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  Japanese DVD   NEW
Language: Japanese, Thai
Subtitles : Japanese
Region: Zone 2
Features : coming soon
Released on 22 september 2006
  UK DVD [aka Warrior King]    NEW    Recommended
Language: English
Subtitles : English, Thai
Region: Zone 2
Features : coming soon
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  Tony Jaa Box Set (Warrior King, Ong Bak) (UK)   NEW
Language: Thai, English
Subtitles : English
Region: Zone 2
Features : coming soon
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  Spirited Killer [USA]    NEW    
Language: English, Taiwanese, Chinese
Features : One of the Tony Jaa's early film + DVD Features: Master of Action: Panna Rittikrai (Interview and profile), Best of Panna action fight scenes, Thailand Dangerous: The 'other' action cinema of the east, Tony Jaa interview, Tony Jaa martial arts demo, Tony Jaa: Thailand's Favorite Son, Muay Thai Boran: Ong Bak's deadly fighting art
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  Spirited Warrior : Platinium Edition [UK]    NEW    
Language: Thai, English
Spirited Warrior is the UK version of Spirited Killer
Features : One of the Tony Jaa's early film + DVD Features: Tony Jaa takes New York, Man of Action: Panna Rittikrai, Bangkok Box Office, Interview with John Ladalski, Interview with Nate Harrison, Spirited Warrior trailer, Rarescope promo, Panna's posters
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  US DVD [The Protector]    NEW
Language: English, Thai
The Protector is the US version of Tom Yum Goong
Features : later...
To be released on January 16, 2007.
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  US Soundtrack [The Protector]    NEW
The Protector is the US version of Tom Yum Goong
Features : 14 songs
Release on October 3, 2006.
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  Official book (thai book)
Language: Thai
Pages : 152 pages
Features : synopsis, story board, making of, Director's interview, Ja - Panom Yeerum, traditional Muay Thai in Tom Yum Goong, Panna Rittikrai as action director, Thai elephants.
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  PC Game (thai game)    Recommended
Language: thai, english   
Subtitles : english
Notes : Game created by The pack contains a disc with bonus : a video in which Tony Jaa thanks !, explanations of 30 Muay Thai moves, 3D animation with a narrating of Tony Jaa, making of the game and interviews.
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  Trading cards (thai game)
Language: thai, english
Notes : Trading cards of Tom Yum Goong : Normal card, Character card, Sticker card, Foil card, TYG Lenticular card, Memorabilia card, Autograph card, Authentic "Tom-Yum-Goong" Film card, "Tony Jaa Dual card"... (more informations on
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Style A


27"x40" Movie Poster Print
Style A 2005

11"x17" Masterprint Poster
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43"x62" Poster Print
Bus Shelter Style A 2005