Petchthai Wongkamlao

Petchthai Wongkamlao (Mom Jokmok) began life in the entertainment industry on the comedy circuit for 'Thep Pongam'. He eventually started his own comedy troupe which, as well as making a secure future for himself, provided many opportunities for youngsters in the field.

Petchthai has been involved in a number of comedy ghost stories which did succeed in bringing his name to the forefront of the industry.

His talent was finally rewarded when he was given the chance to work in a higher budget action comedy called “Mer Burn Lok Prajun”. Not long after that the now household name starred in Ong-bak.

The following year Petchthai was finally given the chance to direct his own picture, the extremely funny and very popular production of “The Bodyguard”.

His role as a police officer in Tom-Yum-Goong has once again proven to Thailand and indeed the world that Petchthai Wongkamlao is one of the best comedians of our time.

Coming soon from Petchthai, “Hello Yasothorn” where he once more finds himself in the director's chair.

Actor :
Killer Tattoo (2002)
Ong Bak (2003)
Bodyguard (2004)
Tom Yum Goong (2005)
Midnight my love (2005)

Director :
Bodyguard (2004)
Midnight my love (2005)